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Key Benefits

Why should you want to work with an online EA Tool, BPM Tool or PM Tool like Dragon1? Well, by creating high quality business diagrams (for architecture, processes and projects), your management is provided with visuals that lead to take better decisions on financial management, strategic management, investment management and more.

For this Dragon1 has everything a business professional needs and wants in an online business platform: templates, examples and checklists. All these ingredients that are part of the Learn and Help Module to make you more productive. The database repository makes sure you will increase your reuse. The fact that Dragon1 is online will increase your sustainability and the fact that you can visualize architecture in a context of strategy and transition enables you to control risks more. And because we have added gamification, Dragon1 also enables joy. So you have every reason to choose Dragon1 as your EA Tool, BPM Tool or PM Tool!

  • Increase operational result by reducing process dependencies using overviews.
  • Increase customer experience by implementing strategic changes successfully using roadmaps.
  • Expand to new markets by successfully introducing new product using integral solution designs.
  • Manage projects risks better because their all made visual using landscape maps.
  • Be more productive: work anytime, anyplace, anywhere using an online platform.