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Logiciels SAAS

Dragon1 PRO Edition

Boost your projects and innovations with blueprints, roadmaps and landscapes.
Use templates to create holistic, interactive visualizations that support decision-making.
An Advanced EA Tool, BPM Tool and PM Tool

The Dragon1 Business Platform is a suite of specialized tools: EA Tool, BPM Tool, PM Tool with a Repository Tool (and using languages such as UML, BPMN, ArchiMate, TOGAF). On the online platform you can collaborate with team members, other departments or offices abroad.

Create holistic, interactive and click through visualizations of concept design, innovation, business modeling, IT management, enterprise architecture and project management.

The PRO Edition of Dragon1 has a Repository Tool, so all your data is importable, storable and manageable in 1 database (one single source of truth). If a change occurs in the data that change is immediately processed in your created products (unless you set a rule not to do this or want to evaluate each change separately).

You as Enterprise Architect, Process Designer, Project Manager and Business Professional can do a lot of things on Dragon1. To keep it comprehensible we will focus on this page on six solutions that you can use Dragon1 for:

    Concept Design
    Enterprise Architecture
    Business (Process) Modeling
    Project Management
    IT Management